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Fly Fishing through Midlife Heaven with Jeff Currier


While many men in their fifties experience what is commonly labeled a “Midlife Crisis,” Jeff Currier believes he may have died and gone to heaven. In 2009, during the most difficult financial times America had experienced since the Great Depression, Jeff quit his day job of running a fly shop for almost 25 years and took off on his own.  Why?  To follow his dreams.


Jeff wanted to focus on being an artist, pursue a career speaking about fly fishing, do more writing and, best of all, not have to ask permission every time he had an opportunity to go on a fishing trip.  His friends and family told him he was crazy, but his wife fully supported his decision. 


Let’s just say opportunities to go on fishing trips have been the bulk of Jeff’s new career.  Since that last day in the fly shop, Jeff has traveled to more than 50 countries, added 100 pages to his passport and caught more than 200 new species of exotic fish to lengthen what was already his long list.


No doubt Jeff has been fortunate.  During his “Fly Fishing through Midlife Heaven” presentation, you will be able to relax and enjoy the stories of how these amazing trips landed in Jeff’s lap.  Then, tighten your seatbelt as Jeff treats you to fly fishing for tigerfish in Tanzania, golden mahseer in India, a variety of saltwater species from the Red Sea of Sudan, as well as the islands of the Seychelles.  And last but not least, be ready to see the arapaima, the world’s largest game fish succumb to a fly in the rainforest of Guyana.


Jeff was born in Massachusetts and grew up fly fishing throughout New England.  Today he resides in Victor, Idaho with his wife Yvonne (affectionately known to all as Granny) where he bases his globetrotting career in fly fishing.


Jeff’s articles, photographs and artwork have graced the pages of magazines, catalogs, brochures and books.  He is the author of Currier’s Quick and Easy Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing and Currier’s Quick and Easy Guide to Warmwater Fly Fishing guide books.  These books have become the standard introductions to saltwater and warmwater fly fishing.  When not fishing or writing, Jeff is usually found working on one of his favorite hobbies, painting fish.  His fish art decorates T-Shirts, fly reels, coffee mugs, books, magazines and his original watercolors are always in high demand. 


Jeff is also a sought after expert for television programs, appearing on Fishing the West, Fly Fishing the World, In Search of Fly Water, Reel Adventures, Fly Fish TV and Fly Fish America. Jeff was also a featured angler in the popular fly fishing DVDs Evolution, Carpland, Waypoints, Connect and Soulfish 2.


Although Jeff spends much of his time fly fishing for trout, he is a walking encyclopedia of fly fishing for species worldwide. He is an IGFA World Record holder and National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame Record holder and has fished in more than fifty-five countries and caught 325 species of fish on the fly. 


Jeff has won numerous fly casting competitions, the Jackson Hole “One Fly” and competed throughout the world in fly fishing.  Jeff’s most recognized accomplishment was leading Team USA to its first ever top-ten finish in the World Flyfishing Championships in Jaca, Spain.  During the competition, Jeff managed to fool fish on every venue and placed third in the individual standings, becoming the first American ever to take home a medal in the thirty-year history of the Championships.

He is an active member of the R.L. Winston Rod Co Professional Advisory Team, as well as Simms, Scientific Anglers, Costa Sunglasses, Yeti, Bauer Reels and Kate’s Real Foods.  Jeff is a “Fishing Ambassador” for Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures hosting exotic trips and exploring new destinations.

Jeff has always been a favorite with our club, as he brings us a sense of humor, enthusiasm, approach-ability and more than forty years of entertaining and informative experiences. 


You can follow Jeff’s global fly fishing adventures, exploits, tips, advice, photography and story-telling on his expanding blog and informative website: